"I will love you" Compact Mirror

Crystal Filigree

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Give the gift of love that will not fade and be forgotten. This beautiful compact will reinforce the bonds of love every time it is used.

Description: This lovely compact features two mirrors inside. One of the mirrors is a regular mirror and the other is magnified. It opens with a little push-button and snaps closed. The top is embellished and decorated with a silver-plated filigree and many Swarovski crystals each placed by hand in a beautiful pattern.  The center has a beautiful shiny stainless steel stamping with the words “"I will love you and honour you all the days of my life"” etched and inked into it with little hearts. The bottom is blank and can be engraved. It is sturdy enough for everyday use and folds thin when not in use for easy storage in a purse.

Measurements: This compact measures approximately 75mm in diameter. It is just over 10mm thick.

Packaging: This compact will be displayed with the embossed card and message as shown. It is then placed in a sturdy box for added protection. All packages are marked with a bright red and white "FRAGILE please Handle with Care" sticker. It comes ready to use or give as a gift.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that due to different monitor settings, the color of the compact may not appear exactly as shown in person. But it will be very close. Please also be aware that due to the fact this is a handmade item, the crystals that are shown may not be the exact same ones chosen for embellishing. However we guarantee that they will be very similar and will match the main color beautifully.

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