Mother and Daughter Purse Hanger

Crystal Filigree

Description: No one likes putting their purse on the dirty floor. This beautiful purse hanger is a practical and stylish way to keep your bag conveniently in reach. It unfolds easily when in use and stays magnetically closed making it fit nicely in the palm of your hand. It is decorated with a lovely, intricate silver-plated filigree component with Swarovski Crystals placed by hand. In the center there is a beautiful stainless steel engraved plate with the words "The love between a mother and daughter is forever" in lovely cursive letters with little hearts. It can be given from mother to daughter or daughter to mother. The backing is fitted with a rubber pad to prevent it from slipping off the table and scratching the back. 

Measurements: This purse hanger measures 1.75" diameter when closed. When unfolded, the opening between the rubber pad and the hook is approximately 2".

Use and Care: This purse hanger is strong and durable for everyday use and should last many many years. Please do not hang very excessive loads from it such as a bag of heavy textbooks. It can take the weight of even a heavy purse without a problem.

Packaging: This purse hanger with be sent in lovely gift wrap tied with ribbon. It is then placed in a bubble mailer for added protection. It comes ready to use or give as a gift.

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