Extra Large Classic Silver Compact Mirror

Crystal Filigree


Description: This lovely compact features two large regular mirrors inside. The top is embellished with a silver-plated filigree and many Swarovski crystals of varying colors and sizes selected carefully to match the color your choose. Each crystal is placed by hand in a beautiful pattern complimenting the filigree. The bottom is engraved with a subtle pattern of dots. It is sturdy enough for everyday use and folds thin when not in use for easy storage in a purse.

Measurements: This compact measures approximately 75mm in diameter. It is just over 10 mm thick.

Packaging: This compact with be sent in a lovely gift box with ribbon. It is then placed in a sturdy box and marked with a bright "FRAGILE, handle with care" red and white sticker for added protection. It comes ready to use or give as a gift.

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